Why try AWIE at all?

We allow you to move securely between different models

Generative AI applied to your data is still in its infancy, and being able to move between approaches maintaining confidentiality and security and keeping your IP safe 

We lean on market leaders 


What is AWIE?

Awie is our intuitive, confidential and portable AI copilot that understands your business and empowers your teams.  
Awie can proactively execute tasks, collaborate with employees, and bring new expertise to any project based on your data.

Don't just take our word for it

See these features in action with one of our team members

Schedule a demo

Schedule a demo with one of our team members at your convenience. Add a brief description as to what your prospects can expect to learn.

We will discuss:

  • How to adapt your data to Awie
  • Take a synthetic sample of it and let Awie run its magic
  • You will see how easy in to integrate in your existing process
  • We will go over security and confidentiality
  • Finally, if you like what you see and your Data is ready to rock&roll, we will include you in our Beta starting in May 2024
Make sure you speak to us before 26th April as we will not be able to accept requests after that date. Good luck!

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